South actress Sharmila Mandre has crashed in a road accident

South actress Sharmila Mandre has crashed in a road accident in Bangalore. Sharmila Mandre was also accompanied by her friend Lokesh Vasant in the car. It is being told that both have suffered serious injuries in the accident. He is then admitted to the local hospital, where treatment continues.

Initial investigation by the traffic police has revealed that the accident took place near the underbridge of Vasant Nagar at around 3 am. Police say that when his team arrived on the spot, a man suddenly appeared and claimed that driving was doing the same.

A man was giving false testimony

Police say they did not name anyone when they started further questioning from the driver of Sharmila Mandre. Rather, he kept telling the police again and again that the mistake was only mine, and leave it to everyone. After this, when the police told him that it is a big crime and he cannot get away without a case. Rather, a case could be filed against him due to false testimony, so he ran away from there.

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Police still waiting for statement

During this investigation, police received information that two people have been admitted to a private hospital nearby. Police arrived at the hospital after being informed of the admission after the accident. However, both were undergoing treatment here. The police are still awaiting their statement. The police is still not clear from the hospital administration.

Did not even have a lockdown

Sharmila Mandre: Police are saying that no exit pass has been found near them during the lockdown. In such a situation, the police is assuming that they must have gone out late at night and then this accident happened.



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