UFC News and Rumors
UFC News and Rumors

UFC News and Rumors : Several sources have confirmed what rumors and social media hint at throughout the day: UFC wants Usman vs. Masvidal on U S 251.

The fight may be unofficial, but at least it is official: the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is actually working on creating a late replacement fight between  for UFC 251 on July 11, 2020.

Even 24 hours earlier, Osman was not prepared to face Gilbert Burns, but a positive COVID-19 test for Brazilian welterweight put an end to that title fight. Masvidal and his management sent signals to the UFC that they were “absolutely ready” to fill in on a week’s notice, and then George’s management shared a video of “Street Jesus” taking a coronavirus test.

Now, ESPN’s Ariel Helwani has confirmed that all of us have doubts that the UFC is working against Masman against Masvidal.

According to several sources, there are active negotiations to book Kamru Osman v. Jorge Masvidal as the new main event of UFC 251 on 11 July. Sources say that the talks have not been finalized yet, but they are continuing and both sides believe that there is a way to create this fight. Whether or not this ultimately happens remains to be seen.

But what about the financial split between Masvidal and UFC? Masvidal has spent the past several weeks railing against UFC brass and pointing to an 82/18 revenue split between the company and the fighters. But there is evidence that there is no big difference in demand for money between “Gamebread” and (UFC News and Rumors) UFC as one might think.

In mid-June, the UFC leaked that it offered Masvidal a deal that would give him the same amount of money to fight Osman as he did for the BMF belt to fight Nate Diaz. UFC President Dana White said, “Before calling the night he announced to me to take me or leave him.” It’s not a conversation … it’s strong. “


So it was not so much a money issue, but one of honor and negotiation strategy. If that offer is still on the table, and there is a respectable splash extra to step in at the last minute, why can’t this fight happen? Masvidal has been in gym training and helps teammates prepare for their own fights, and fighting Osman can be a competitive advantage without a whole to prepare Osman for Masvidal’s style Camp is getting, UFC News and Rumors.

Osman seems ready to fight as well, but again … the UFC will have to open his wallet and make it meaningful for both men. With the risk of the “Weak Island” gimmick being very weak without some serious firepower at the top of the card, we imagine that Dana White is finally in a position to pay some extra money. All parties are expected to remain fair and a deal can be reached.



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