WWE Superstar John Cena turns 43 years old.
WWE Superstar John Cena turns 43 years old.

WWE Superstar John Cena is celebrating his 43rd birthday on Thursday. Born on 23 April 1977 in West Newberry, John Cena played his first match on 27 June 2002 against Kurt Angle. Cena is a unique WWE sports superstar.

He is, perhaps, the only WWE superstar whose fans are equally criticized and praised. WWE relied on him to keep viewers interested and wanting more.

John Cena never disappointed his audience. To this day, he is particularly popular with young WWE fans. Despite his longevity, John’s steadily growing popularity made him the greatest WWE star of all time.

His career has also been full of controversy. In fact, John Cena found himself blood-soaked in 2012 against Brock Lesnar on Extreme Rules. After this, he faced another controversy.

Actually, WWE has banned the use of Piledriver Move but in 2013  Cena and CM Punk used this move, which caused them into controversy. As much as he was surrounded by controversies due to the reasons of the expectation.

In 2009, Cena and Mickey James had a strong affair. A big deal was revealed about her relationship with Nikki Bella.



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